Sending a Voice Mail Blast

(aka The Voice Drop)

Save time and add a personal touch by recording a message in your own voice and have it be delivered straight to your recipients' voice mails for you. Landline or mobile...these messages deliver to their number if they have a working digital voice mail service and their voice mail box isn't full.

What You Get With Your Order

List prep (if you want us to help prep your recipient list).

Coordination with the 3rd-party service we use to deliver these messages. We'll set it all up, upload your list, and send you instructions on how to record your voice mail message as well as a couple of other suggestions to help you maximize effectiveness once your voice mail is ready to be sent.

We'll send you a report of which numbers were delivered to successfully and which weren't

Price of Voice Drop (based on list size)

  1. Up to 1,000 = $135

  2. 1,500 = $155

  3. 2,000 = $175

  4. 2,500 = $195

  5. 3,000 = $215

  6. 3,500 = $235

  7. 4,000 = $255

  8. 4,500 = $275

  9. 5,000 = $295

  10. 7,500 = $395

  11. 10,000 = $495



Other notes:
  1. It can be more effective with lists over 2,000 to split them into smaller lists to be staggered for scheduling. If your message will contain a request for your recipients to follow back up with you, you may get overwhelmed with blasts over 2,000 going all at once. If you do split your whole list into smaller lists, each portion of your list would be priced by its own list size...not the combined list size.

  2. The price varies based on list size, so when you place this order, the $100 will serve as your deposit. We'll follow up for the remaining balance once we know your list size.

  3. There is a minimum order size of 1,000 recipients. So any list size from 1-1,000 is the same price.

  4. When we pull the final report, if your message was longer than 30 seconds and it increased the cost, there could be an additional charge. The third-party service charges by the minute during delivery, so the longer your message is, the larger the charge. Though, it's usually pretty minimal (usually less than $20) and we can give you an estimate based on your list size before the recording is sent out on your behalf.

  5. The voice mails won't deliver to numbers with menu options like "push 1 for.." "push 2 for.." or to external answering machines.

Place your order now, so we can start prepping it for you. Once you place your order, we'll be in touch shortly.