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I sold about 15,000 the last couple weeks to Past Customers. The direct mail was a hit. And the follow up calls coupled with emails and letters was a great trifecta! Don't know what I would do without Vast Action! - Brandon Brown, National Sales Champion, CA  Find Out More

The Vast Action CRM helps me with task management, and project management with my admin team.  It has helped me be very effective with follow from events with a follow up call automatically populating when entered as a prospect.  It saves me a ton of time to have all the team tasks and client emails for every order automated when entered as a prospect. Marketing and following up has been much more effective. Calling the click through list from an email also pinpoints the people that are thinking of ordering. - Eric Chandler, NC Find Out More

Amiee Mueller has a powerful growth mindset message that spans grade levels and age. Lakeland School Corporation invited Amiee to speak with our staff, high school students, and middle school students. Amiee takes her own story of overcoming challenges, sharing how anyone can do the same, and tailors it to your school's or organization's needs. No matter who you are or where you are on your own journey, you walk away feeling empowered and encouraged to attain the positive results you want in your life. - Eva Merkel, Superintendent Lakeland School Corporation Find Out More


I invested in Vast Action Marketing and sold over $10,000 in the first month as a result of having it. I'm super thankful that you created this service and look forward to much more growth moving forward. - Jon Godwin Find Out More


I received your email and I am ready for the challenge. I am up for it and ready to take my life and leadership to new and better and higher heights. Your very inspirational and I would love to thank you for this opportunity to do this and to succeed and become a greater leader! - Camryn P Find Out More


Coaching with Josh revolutionized my business. He is the most efficient, organized, well positioned, and above all else, sincere coach available. I applied the skills I learned from Josh and have tripled my sales so far. The investment to coach with him is a small investment in yourself and your business that will pay dividends for years to come. - Luke Mills, CEO, Cool Hand Luke, LLC Find Out More

I love the fact that when a customer comes stops by I can type their name in my CRM and pull up all my notes on them, what they own, what's on their wish list, last time they ordered, etc. everything is readily accessible. - Maria Stewart, TN Find Out More


Thank you so much for sending me the information. Your talk was so inspirational, I loved every second of it! I can't wait to start reading your book. I know it's going to be great! I hope to hear you speak at another one of our conferences soon! - Lauren A. Find Out More


Email marketing has always been something I wanted to do but never got done. Since I started using the Vast Action email system my past customer business has grown by over 50%. Every time I send an email I get orders. It gives me peace of mind knowing my database is getting quality content that keeps me top of mind. - Aaron Sahr, NY Find Out More

Through Vast Action’s training and support I’ve grown as a sales rep and learned how important it is to be in constant contact with my clients so I can be of the best service I can possibly be. I've never regretted a dime I've ever spent with vast action. - Carlton Thompson, OK Find Out More


It's been almost a year since I hired Amiee and Vast Action to take over my marketing aspect of my business. Hiring them has been one of the best decisions that I've made for my business. The feedback I receive from my customers has only been positive. I've received many phone orders, service calls, and a stronger relationship with my customers. I would recommend this service at the highest level. - Missy Cerone, NY Find Out More


Josh Mueller is one of the best mentor/coaches in the Cutco/Vector business. I've been fortunate to have worked with some of the best of the best, and I count Josh in that league.  Although I was already a Hall of Fame representative when I started working with Josh, he helped me a great deal to successfully manage my emotions, create systems to build my business, and to have a happier and more productive life.  Josh definitely wants the best for his clients, and I appreciate his influence and guidance. - Jeffrey Paul Bobrick, New York, NY Find Out More


Since I started using Vast Action, my phone time has been cut in half (because) I'm much more organized in planning my appointments. Using the query (feature) has been the best. I'll set up a query for past customers within 10-30 miles of where I want to go, call through the list and book an entire week of appointments. - Erin Clark, CO Find Out More


Thank you so much for your moving and inspiring speech, it gave me confidence when I had none. I struggle with bipolar disorder so I was very afraid to leave home (Alaska) to come here, but you gave me the drive to decide my own future. Thanks again, you stay just as awesome! - Benjamin  S. Find Out More


Thanks for all your help with running my business! You’re amazing. I sooooo appreciate YOU and EVERYTHING you do to help make my business run at a really high level. You make me look good to my clients. I’m glad I use ALL of the services you offer. I don’t know where I’d be without you and the team. - Seth Kinzer, MN Find Out More


I just had my best first campaign ever, and April hasn’t even started yet.  I just got a 1900 order from an email, I’ve been getting at least 1-3 orders each week from Vast Action’s email marketing, and the event invites have made a difference in my show success. One customer, who bought over 2600 at the show, told me he only came to the show to see me. He knew I’d be there because he got my event invite email. - Jamie Zimbroff, IL Find Out More


Having access to an assistant to help me accomplish the things that need to be done is amazing! This is just the tool I needed to take life to the next level. Thanks Vast Action! - Brenna Chadwick, FL Find Out More


Josh has not only considerably helped me increase my sales skills directly, but has also continuously facilitated my ability to re enter peak state.  My highest sales averages and weeks have been after a weekend of personal training from Josh and directly after our coaching calls.  He has helped me develop and keep consistent daily habits to perform at my highest level. - Evan Howard, Nashville, TN Find Out More

I had the honor of hearing Amiee speak in Shipshewana last Summer. I was truly inspired by what she shared. She did an excellent job sharing her heart. We bought the book and enjoyed reading it. - Bonnie Bair, Paraprofessional at Gobles Elementary Find Out More



Scheduled 15 appointments within the first 24 hours of sending the Service Generator email. This is awesome! - Justin Ledford, TX Find Out More


My favorite things about the CRM are the ability to watch a video to learn how to utilize the system and that it continues to evolve and improve.- Eric Cheshier, CA Find Out More


Before using VA, I would get an average open rate of 25-30% on my realtor sale emails. Now that I've started letting VA create and schedule my sale emails…I'm getting 35%+ open rate every time! - Chelsea Banks, TX Find Out More


Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the way y’all did marketing this year. The letters being handwritten with the coupon inside have been MONEY. I’ve had more past customers buy this year than ever before! Vast Action has the best marketing investment I’ve made in my business. Thank you! - Roger Rodriguez, TX Find Out More

Josh's coaching had an immeasurable impact on my business. Not only did I double my sales numbers while working with Josh, but I learned how to work smarter and create effective plans to accomplish my goals. I attribute much of my success as a sales rep to his mentorship, and I believe anyone can benefit from his knowledge. - Drew Wieland 
Chicago, IL Find Out More


Hi Josh! After your call with the NFL Events Team I decided to up my commitment level to memorizing your scripts and objection handling info. I just had my best week and month of my career and I wanted to recognize you for all your influence. I respect how many people you've touched and at such a level of mastery and precision. THANK YOU!  - Jason Gravely Clearwater, FL Find Out More


The Marketing Follow Up phone calls are money! Tons of service request, got a referral, a few issues to help solve for clients, and a bunch of people saying they are coming to an upcoming event — big shout out and thank you to Vast Action! - Marisa Maher, OK Find Out More


One of the only reasons I sold 680k plus this year is because of Vast Action. Being able to track the details of each of my customers through the CRM has allowed me to have an even more personal approach with my customers so I can pick up conversations where they were left off. - Brandon Brown, National Sales Champion, CA Find Out More


I just finished your book and I must say the topics and advice that you included are phenomenal! While I have heard of a few of them, the personal examples/applications you wrote about really made them hit home for me! I also still plan to go back through your book and write down everything that I can implement immediately to help our team out before this upcoming summer. I hope to see you at future conference! - Joel M Find Out More


Working with VA has made my business and my personal life better in so many ways. First of all, I have a perfect way to store customer info for later contact and marketing. VA has created organized systems in my business, so that I have consistent and effective marketing that I don't even have to think about! From the monthly content emails, customers remember me, have an easy way to contact me when they need service or products, and always appreciate the value. I also use VA for email and postcard sales, both of which have helped me sell a lot more! The best part is that they do it all FOR me! - Kelly Martens, TX Find Out More


Vast action has been beyond helpful and is worth every penny. I don't even have to think about it and a professional email of the highest quality goes out to all of my customers every month. The service has more than paid for itself. - Ian Hannon Find Out More


I like the 'daily task list' automatically emailing me. It helps me stay accountable to my goals. - Emily Schmich, MO Find Out More


Josh Mueller is a brilliant mentor and coach for your business. More importantly, he has become one of my "in-group"... Someone that I can call on or reach out to no matter the situation. He has an insight into creating steps to get organized that are simple and defined. He provides a stair step procedure to getting the maximum of output for the working day! His uncanny ability to bring things to the basic level so that they are manageable and doable rather than overwhelming and daunting is tremendous. If you are looking to grow professionally, financially, and personally...implement coaching with Josh and you will see a big difference in your success. - Chelsea Banks, Memphis, TN / Dallas, TX  Find Out More


Thanks Vast Action for making my life so much easier.  It's so nice to have quality emails going out every month to all my customers. They are not only fun to read, but provide so much value to my customers and harvest more business for me. Plus you keep my customer CRM up to date and Amiee and her staff are great to work with. They are always ready to help out when you need it! Love the program. Kudos to Vast Action! - Tom Rastrelli, TX Find Out More 


The CRM is AMAZING…. I can write notes when I make calls and schedule a follow up call. AND the system reminds me when I need to call them. - Pati Hoyt, HI Find Out More


I have received orders from prospects who I’ve added to my automatic drip emails and didn’t think about again after entering them. I also love that there is less clutter.- Aaron Sahr, NY  Find Out More

Thanks Vast Action and Amiee for your presence at our CGC Summit conference. Because of you all we are much better as a whole. Hope to see you there again in the future as we continue to improve the experience for our clients and family. - Shane H Find Out More


You are literally the wind beneath my own marketing wings. I honestly don't know how to thank you enough. I just want you to know that I appreciate you, your team, and all that you do. It has been a real luxury having the opportunity to work with you. If I hadn't met you, my work would be different and so would I. - Kenny Tessitore Find Out More


Working with Josh has by far been the BEST INVESTMENT I've made into my business! Honestly, I was hesitant to pay for coaching, but something about Josh made me take the leap and, boy, am I glad I did. I'm going to almost TRIPLE my first 8 months of sales in the last FOUR months of the year! So if you're asking yourself, "Is it worth it?", let me just tell you right now, the answer is yes! Rip off the bandaid. Bite the bullet. Close your eyes and jump. The hesitation you might be feeling right now is nothing compared to the feeling you'll get when you look at your bank account after a few months of working with Josh. Thank you, Josh, for being one of the best things that's ever happened to me in this business! You are awesome! - Nicole Kray, Tampa, FL  Find Out More

Making the decision to have Vast Action do my marketing was one of the best decisions I ever made for my business. I’ve gotten more responses to every email than I ever did sending them on my own… before Vast Action. My customers have noticed a difference and they love the monthly emails. I highly recommend you sign up today and take your business to the next level. - Janet Wiggins, IN Find Out More


Using VA has helped grow my business with less work. I usually either get a few orders or service requests after my monthly email goes out. This year I used VA to send out 3 reminder emails for my 3 state fairs and they helped drive more traffic to the booth. I get very positive feedback on the content emails and people come up to the booth calling out "’Hey Gramma!’ so I know the emails are keeping me top of mind with my customers.   - Christy Moey, MN Find Out More


Josh truly leads by example. His messages at our conferences have taught me how to run my business like a business and create a rock solid plan for success. When he came out to train our show staff everyone learned a ton and my average order at shows almost doubled from what I learned. If you want to take your business to the next level I recommend training with Josh. - Nick Najjar, St Louis, MO Find Out More


Tons of my customers are saying ‘we love getting your monthly emails so keep them coming!’ And I've found even every content email I send I get at least one or two random responses asking about items or specials. It's great having this service because I have so many customers and this keeps me top of mind with them. Plus, its content they like and want to keep getting. I absolutely LOVE using your services. You guys make me look good! :) thanks! - Seth Kinzer, MN Find Out More


It’s a great way to send targeted messages to customers, track open rates, and follow up efficiently with those who might be interested. - Ari Aberman, IL Find Out More


As the timeless saying goes “when the student is ready the teacher will appear.” When I was ready Josh Mueller appeared; the great thing about Josh is not only will he be an incredible coach and help you create a pathway to success but he will also be a genuine friend to help you grow as a person. When I first met Josh, I was at a crossroad in my business, ready to walk away but after one meeting I was able to see the path that was laid out in front of me. With Josh’s help I was able to do something that I didn’t believe was possible. The result was exposure to a life I couldn’t even imagine.  Josh helped me compress decades into years and I do not know anyone who is willing to work as diligently as he will to help you succeed. The best part is that I am able to take all the principles I learned and apply them to every aspect of my life!  If Josh Mueller is appearing in your life it means you are ready and you do not want to let this opportunity pass you by. -Ryan Whiten, Miami, FL Find Out More 


You have no idea how much of an impact you have had on me. Thanks to your training, I have learned to make more effective use of my time and energy. In the past, I had to work twice as hard to achieve the same results I am now seeing.  I look forward to having my best sales year ever and I could not have done it without you.  I have more time and energy to devote to my family, and I can better serve my customers because of the efficiency principles you shared with me! - Kevin Connor, Akron, OH  Find Out More


I just had a great response from a customer who reached out to me to tell me a nice story and thank me for staying in touch with the emails. I think the value and genuine way we stay in contact with our customers helps create these positive responses that we all receive from our clients. Also, I had a client place another $1000+ order for her son’s wedding because the email gave her an idea of a gift to give. - Josh Mento Find Out More


The CRM has a great task reminder system which bugs you until you get it done. I also love that it’s user friendly. – Charissa Godwin Find Out More


Just wanted to say my September email / price increase announcement that went out this morning has more than paid for itself already. You guys ROCK! Thank you, thank you, thank you! - Amber Coulson, GA Find Out More


I've seen an increase in Web portal sales since using the monthly content emails. I just scheduled 9 new svc calls from the last month's content email without having to make outgoing calls. Sending emails promoting shows I’m at increased attendance by 12 people and one of my past customers helped me sell a set to a new customer. - Robert Danbury, CO  Find Out More


Josh Mueller is one of a kind. He has a proven track record of getting results in both his business and his personal life. He’s personally helped me gain clarity in areas like my finances, my life mission and my relationships. With his guidance I’ve been able to create massive abundance in my life and experience a high level of enjoyment during the process. When it comes to understanding formulas that work and sticking to them there’s few that are better than Josh. His ability to hold himself and his clients accountable is second to none. Something I love about Josh’s style is how he approaches his coaching and training from the mindset of a giver. When he holds you accountable there’s no question it’s coming from a place of him wanting you to succeed. I would highly recommend Josh as a coach to anyone looking to grow their business or their personal life.  - Jeremy brotha James Reisig, Entrepreneur, Musician, Speaker Find Out More



“I recommend Vast Action's services. Vast Action delivers, adds dependability, stability, and professionalism to my business. I am very pleased with the administrative work they perform. The marketing emails are high quality, and I consistently receive enthusiastic responses from my customers. - Patton Sides, TX  Find Out More


Hey Josh! Just listened to your message and I'm SO HAPPY you sent this out to us. I took a ton of notes (as always) and I'm very excited and prepared to deliver my message now. I was a bit nervous before, but I feel way more confident now. Thanks!!! - Sally Ngo, Burnaby, British Colombia, Canada Find Out More


“Although Vast Action costs more than my previous assistant, its services are well worth the extra expense. It saves me time, headaches, and stress. For example, I no longer worry about hiring and training new assistants if one quits - Vast Action takes care of all personnel needs.  Also, instead of spending hours sorting through customer lists and preparing emails, I just send a quick request to Vast Action, and I don't have to waste any of my time worrying.” - Patton Sides, TX Find Out More

“Sold over 3,000 so far today at a low traffic event. All because of the postcards!” - David Stewart, VA Find Out More

“My customers are LOVING the email content, also getting a lot of service leads. Thanks for doing such awesome work. I appreciate you guys :)” - Matt Foss, AZ Find Out More

“Amiee has transformed and inspired me through her book and speeches. She has an amazing story that everyone can relate to and she can teach you to overcome obstacles you once may have thought were impossible to overcome. She has helped make multiple positive changes teaching strategies I’ve used not just one time but over and over throughout my life.” - Brett Lancaster – National Sales Manager Find Out More

“I sold 6k during in two weeks because Vast Action's sale email. I've had more customers reach out to me with positive feedback about the content emails they receive than ever before. Lastly, allowing VA to handle the marketing side of my business has given me peace of mind and has allowed me to focus on sales.” - Kadeem Samuels, FL Find Out More

Josh has had an amazing influence. His belief in me has challenged me to think bigger about what I can do in my life and business. The systems and delegation he taught me allowed me the freedom to produce more business with less stress and time in my business. My favorite quote by Josh is, “If you're not working for a lifestyle then what are you working for?”  That has challenged me to rethink the purpose of why I am working hard every day and start using my business to design my ultimate lifestyle. - Julian Landry, New Orleans, LA Find Out More

“Already sold 2k from yesterday’s email :)!!” - Cory O’Neil Find Out More

“The postcards are amazing!! Such a good response and they look so good. Thank you!” - Alicia Anderer, NJ Find Out More


Josh was my original sales trainer for Cutco events sales.  Since he first trained me 6 years ago my business has grown from a part-time, supplemental income-producing activity into a full time career.  He is by far the most influential person in growing my business. 
Josh is a magnificent skills coach.  His knowledge combined with effective methods have caused my sales to skyrocket. Josh is a wonderful motivator who pushes me to excel while valuing my personal needs. 
What I admire most about Josh is his clarity of vision.  His laser focus influences his every decision to guide him toward success. - Patton Sides, Austin, TX Find Out More

“Thank you so much, Amiee! And I completely admired your speech! It was probably one of the most relatable speeches I've heard in a looooong, long time.” :)  - Angelica A. Find Out More

“Three orders on the day so far and all three marketing driven. 3200 in sales. Without the marketing we committed to I would be a $0. Thanks Vast Action!” - Brian Carter, TX Find Out More

“I got more responses with Vast Action CRM than my previous CRM.” - Jordan Bleiweiss, FL Find Out More

“Vast Action emails have helped my business both passively and actively. I've received re-order requests directly from the drips as well as excellent response from residential drip content (especially the recipes). Just today I received an email from a principal broker of a real estate office I've been working to get into.“ - Matthew Hanson, OR Find Out More

“Very positive results from the show. 45% of my total sales and over 50% of my orders were a result of Vast Action helping drive my past customers to me!” - Seth Kinzer, MN Find Out More


“Hey Amiee, this is Obet Gomez Jr from Heights High School and I'm so looking forward to accept this challenge and have fun with the challenges. I was very impacted by your presentation at District 3 competition and learned a lot from it. Thank you for taking time out of your day to speak to us and share your story also.” - Obet Gomez Jr Find Out More

“Every email Vast Action has sent for me has produced phone call orders, thank-you’s, service calls, and random other personal conversations. Loving the marketing! I even read the emails and I’m like ‘Wow, this is some really cool info!" - Marisa Maher, OK Find Out More

“I also enjoyed your presentation at the DECA Competition I admire how you overcame your obstacles and became someone. Looking forward to the challenge and can’t wait for the outcome.” - Jermar B. Find Out More

“VA sent a sale email at the end of August that was amazing. Really well put-together. I got an overwhelming response from customers loving the prices and ordering both sets and pieces. Thank you, Vast Action!” - Ryan Megna, PA Find Out More

Training with Josh Mueller was one of the best decisions I have ever made. His patience, understanding, and effort put towards helping me become my best was an experience like no other. Josh helped me get out of my head and onto my purpose. He was great at digging in with me, and never leading me his way but helping me find my own way. I would recommend Josh to everyone and to coach for at least a year as you can really see the full benefits then. - With Gratitude, Brittney Livingston, San Diego, CA Find Out More

“VA has been very helpful in marketing and driving business to my events since I can really target my customers who live in the immediate area of my events.” - Kyle Lopes Find Out More

“My favorite things about the CRM are the marketing stats function and great customer service from (the) Vast Action team.” - Amber Coulson, GA Find Out More

Mentoring with Josh during 2014 was one of the best decisions I've made. I could see definitive growth from one sales campaign to the next. The spring was spent breaking bad habits and rebuilding the right way. I then went on to have my best summer ever as I was able to implement those new lessons and programs. Then, once our mentoring program was over in August, I went on to have my best fall ever. This is all testament to the great systems and techniques Josh taught me - that once our mentoring relationship was over, I could continue on my path to growth and success the right way. -  Elizabeth Allen-Stephenson, Birmingham, AL Find Out More

I was not looking for a leadership coach when I called Josh to ask for some advice about a particularly challenging event that was coming up in my Mary Kay business.  However, after discussing whether we might do some coaching, I decided that a breath of fresh air in a leadership coach would be beneficial.  We began a monthly call.  I have been a Mary Kay Director for 11 years (management level in our company) and my unit had become a little stagnant a year before.  I knew that the problem lay with me.  The family challenge of having our oldest son in and out of prison battling a meth addiction was de-railing me in my business.  Josh's direct style and insightful comments began to quickly have an effect.  His ability to discern and point out patterns in thoughts is particularly helpful.  He challenges me while affirming my strengths.  The practical suggestions he gives, paired with unearthing the thought processes behind my actions, have helped me change in ways that are manageable.  In turn, I have taken some of the things he has taught me and used them in the training I do with my unit members.  His abilities as a coach are unparalleled! -  Kathy Langley, Director – Mary Kay Cosmetics, Tulsa, OK Find Out More

“Last year I created ALL my event emails myself which took a lot of my time! This year VA handles all that for me and I have had more time to focus on what I do best: SELL. I have already surpassed where I was at this time last year with way less stress! :-)” - Maria Stewart, TN Find Out More

“I really enjoyed hearing you speak! You were awesome! My daughter is a freshman at CU Denver. Coming from New Mexico. I really think your words meant a lot to her. Thank you very much! “ - Misty M. Find Out More

“I am getting some responses from customers. I had a website order the other day and people are requesting service calls and asking to place orders. I want say thank you to the team that makes this happen. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” - Zach Duran, AZ Find Out More

“I really enjoyed hearing you speak!! My dad and I have been talking about it since then. You really inspired me! Thanks so much! “ - Oniza C. Find Out More


“Working with Vast Action has definitely taken my business to another level. By marketing regularly to my customers, using Vast Action, I have been able to build stronger relationships which has led to repeat business and growth to my customer list. The content of the marketing emails is always original and very effective. I receive feedback constantly and can say for a fact that using this service helps to build tremendous value to my customers. In only 6 months last year, using Vast Action directly resulted in over $8,000 in sales and that was when I only had 200 of my customer’s email addresses. I wouldn't have won a Silver Cup last year without the Vast Action team.” - Brandon Wynn, NJ Find Out More

I have successfully run my own marketing plan for several years now and am so happy I switched over to Vast Action. I’ve even referred more than 10 people to the program because of its success. Vast Action takes all the pressure off of me and I know that the marketing will ALWAYS be on time, provide substantial value, and be of the highest quality. Working with Vast Action is a no brainer when my ROI since joining has been 785%.” - Luke Mills, AZ Find Out More

I believe Josh is a perfect mentor for someone who is already successful in business and wants to take things to the next level!  He has a script for everything, a system for everything, and always seems to know the perfect thing to say when a customer says, “I want to think about it”.  He will teach you how to ask the quality questions and do the same to you. He is also great at teaching you to dig deeper to find the answer vs. just giving you the answer. - Trevor Sawyer, Phoenix, AZ Find Out More

“Honestly I don’t know what I ever did without Vast Action. Obviously, I wasn’t very efficient. Amazing!” - Di Hulbert, IA Find Out More

“I don't send many emails per year, but when I do I always get a tremendous response. I sent out 1 batch of postcards at the beginning of an event and 3 emails. So far I have worked 8 days at the event, and while I can't track exactly how much business came from postcards, how much came from emails, and how much just came from relationships and customer loyalty, so far I have sold over $20K in repeat business to my past customers. Thanks for all you do to support us and help us drive more business.” - Karim El-Tawansy, HI Find Out More

“Listening to Josh I learned I have to stay persistent and not give up. My biggest take away was that you have to stay in contact with your past customers. I have started implementing everything that I learned and the results are coming in.” - Jazmyne Laskey, OKC, OK Find Out More

“I've just started using Vast Action and after only a few months I've seen my sales increase as more past customers have surprised me with random orders. It's been great!” - David Miller Find Out More

"I really appreciated your hospitality, your encouragement, and your teaching. You are such an amazing couple, and you are both going to revolutionize the way people do business in our company. Thank you for your constant efforts to help people like myself continue to grow!" - Kelly Martens, Dallas, TX Find Out More

Josh is one incredible leader and person. He never seizes to amaze me with how much he can do to help others out. Josh is the man!! I can't grasp how he can do all that he does. I can go on and on about how great he is, which is important for me because no matter how successful someone is if they don't do good business I won't want to work with them. Josh is the perfect role model.  What he has done for my business and me is second to no one.  He has always pushed and encouraged me to be more.  I've learned how to analyze, market, and improve my business on every level.  Josh has taught and shown me that always doing what's best for the customer and others comes back around.  Working with Josh was worth every penny and minute because I've seen so much growth.  He is always professional and prompt with everything. If you work with him you will get much more than a coach, but a friend for life. - Jordan McGee, Lafayette, LA Find Out More

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the way you all did marketing this year. I’ve had more past customers buy this year than ever before! Vast Action is the best marketing investment I’ve made in my business. Thank you!” - Roger Rodriguez, TX Find Out More

“Since I started using Vast Action for my emails just a few months ago I have had on average an extra 500-600 in sales generated per month. Customers have also been in more regular contact with me, asking more questions and sending their friends as referrals. I can only imagine what will happen long term!” - Neil Conroy, OR Find Out More

“The majority of my past customers at the Home Show in Tulsa knew about the postcard or even had it in their hand at the event. It was a successful marketing campaign for sure!” - Carlton Thompson, OK Find Out More

“I just started using the tasks and am liking the opportunity to set tasks for different people on my team.” - John Israel, TX Find Out More

“The monthly emails have been a tool to touch base with my client and keeping me on top of their minds. When they need something, they know how to find me. I love their replies in regards to the content. I used to never hear from my customers, I had to call them every year but now they are coming to me!!! And it’s all because of Vast Action Marketing.” - Pati Hoyt, HI Find Out More

To start; mechanically, Josh Mueller taught me so much inside my sales business from advanced closing techniques, to innovative techniques marketing to past clients.  He helped me dream, think and act bigger. But not only did he do that, he helped me actually plan and strategize to achieve my goals.  Josh also helped me in my transition from selling in college to selling full time. Above all he showed me that it is possible to achieve the life of your dreams through selling knives. Who would've thunk it?  Josh is helping others achieve their dreams, and what's cool, is that through helping others, he is achieving his dreams too!  The sky is the limit for you and Josh and I can't wait to see where you take it.  Thanks again so much for all that you've done for me and others, inside and out of their businesses Josh. - Bert Wicks, Minneapolis, MN Find Out More

“Just got a $1,000 phone order in response to a vast action content email!” - Patton Sides, TX Find Out More

My experience with Josh has been amazing. He has challenged me to expand my capacity to get work done. Josh is a master of systems. The way he thinks really challenges you to look beyond your own problems. He is a great leader and mentor. I'm always surprised by how open and non-judgmental he is. I've always felt very comfortable working with him.  My results increased by 40% and my team is currently #1 in the nation. This might not have been possible without Josh’s insight, dedication, and inspiration. I've worked with thousands of sales people over the years and he's an amazing leader, trainer, and friend.  For anyone involved in sales or management I strongly recommend working with him. - Patrick Baker, Los Angeles, CA Find Out More

“Your audio on crafting an amazing message was full of great tips! Thank you for helping us out with this!" - Marisa Maher, Oklahoma City, OK Find Out More

“Vast Action has created an amazing platform for my assistant to be able to get a hold of customers and record any contact that happens between them. She is never wondering who she can call because my emails always generate her new leads.” - Derek Videll, CO Find Out More

“The zip code area search function allows me to fill my schedule more efficiently.” - Rachelle De Young, CA Find Out More

“I had VA send out event postcards, and they looked great! This afternoon, at a random Saturday afternoon phone time, I set up five service call appointments in less than an hour. Thanks Vast Action!” - Janet Ham, ME Find Out More

"Hi Josh. I was in Austin this last weekend for the convention. I wanted to thank you for all the advice you gave us. I learned more from you than I would all semester in a college classroom." - Cody N. Find Out More

I have worked with Josh Mueller for nearly ten years now. I started as a team member on events he was coordinating, but as I have progressed in our company I have had the opportunity to work closer with him and benefit from his mentorship and support. I would like to share my takeaways from that time.
Josh has always challenged my thinking and preconceived notions. Taking hopes and possibilities and creating systems that lead to productivity and profitability. I have learned the value of quality questions to bring prospects, team members, and subordinates to a place where we can reach a mutually beneficial end. Through this process I have learned to be more inclusive working with and through other people. To fully commit myself and my team to a goal, without emotionally tying ourselves to the results. Our communication is organized and scheduled. Action steps are made clear, and follow up is never neglected. These seemingly obvious details are easy to overlook, and when that happens a moment of inspiration is never given room to grow into meaningful change. The most significant impact has come from Josh's openness and vulnerability. Josh has invested more time, money, and energy into his personal and professional growth than any other person I have coached with.  His knowledge is tested by experience and proven with record breaking results. What is unique about Josh though is not his willingness to share what he's learned, but rather how these insights have impacted him. How he has grown and benefited from what he is sharing. He boldly shares his story, stumbles, and struggles without ever shifting the focus to himself. Josh does not offer epiphanies from the mountaintop. He is instead a leader that has proven himself in the trenches and wants to bring people to the other side with him. I have seen Josh's commitment to living a "Best in Class" life, and he has helped inspire me to live my best life. - Sincerely, Brian Carter Dallas, TX Find Out More

“Vast Action and their services are an effective way to stay top of mind with clients and keep that relationship strong. Everyone raves about it because it is so convenient and it takes so much of the confusion out of being an entrepreneur because it is an all in one service. I CANNOT WAIT to see where Amiee and her team take the company in the next decade; they are all true gems and I'm lucky to be their client.” - Kenny Tessitore Find Out More

“Josh has simplified the process of selling and the whys behind it and made it easy to understand and embrace any situation and find an answer doesn’t help just help YOU, but also YOUR customer making it a win-win for everyone. He’s also a master at creating long lasting and residual business thru client relationships.” - Brett Lancaster – National Sales Manager Find Out More

“Vast Action has made such a positive difference for my Cutco business. I've heard for years how important it is to send value filled emails throughout the year, and not just sale emails. Before I got set up with Vast Action, I wouldn't get an email out at all because I didn't have time to figure out what I wanted to send, let alone make it and send it. Now, I can personalize the email Vast Action creates each month and send it myself. I get random emails all the time now from my customers telling me how much they love my emails, requesting appointments and placing orders. Thank you Josh, Amiee and team for the value you bring to so many reps' businesses.” - Rick Jones Find Out More

“Very positive results from the show. I had 57 orders and 30 of them were past customers. Thanks Vast Action for helping drive my past customers to me.” - Seth Kinzer, MN Find Out More

 “Thank you, Josh! The amount of work you do behind the scenes that impacts my business in a positive way? Impeccable. Thanks man.” - Brett Wiggins – Indianapolis, IN – Divisional Sales & Recruiting Manager Find Out More


“Thanks for taking the time to send notes from our calls. I always gain value from my conversations with you—I am reminded over and over again why you are so successful with everything you do.” - Scott Dennis – Dallas, TX – Regional Sales Executive Find Out More

“Sold 4300 today. At 20K so far and I did over 9K from the sale emails just last week!” - Luke Mills, AZ Find Out More

"Josh, you don't come to the table with, ‘Hey, I'm going to get 60 minutes with the Midwest so that I can, I don't know, check that off my list.’ Instead, you always bring the goods. You always go above and beyond. You love sharing. You love helping. You love giving back. It's very, very evident that it's genuine, so thank you." - Jeff Bry, Region Manager, Vector Marketing Find Out More

“Hey Josh, just wanted to take time to thank you. You have been a big help in my life from the guidance and leadership end of things and I really appreciate what you & Amiee do and continue to do. Thank you for leading the way and helping everyone think bigger. Appreciate you a ton.” - Nick Smith – McAllen, TX - National Sales & Recruiting Champion Find Out More

“I use VA sales emails and have received numerous orders over the year with them. And I send event emails to (promote) all my events and the response is overwhelming! Many customers stop by and say they received the email and they wouldn't have come to the show if it wasn't for my email. I use VA's monthly content emails too, I have received replies back from many customers saying thank you, some have said they have tried the recipes and love them and really appreciate me sending stuff.” - Maria Stewart, TN Find Out More

“Thank you so much for your inspiring presentation! It truly does open up one's eyes to the "front row" life experience. As a veteran of the US Marine Corps, and by show of the service dog that accompanies me everywhere, it's hard for me to step out of my shell sometimes. I actually volunteered a couple times throughout the day at the other presentations. Thank you again!! “ - Jeremy C. Find Out More  


"Sold 42,000 this month. Best month by 11,000. A majority was possible through the principles you taught me through our coaching. Feeling super grateful right now. Extremely excited about the future." - Bert Wicks, Minneapolis, MN Find Out More

“Just had first order called in from the email that went out 15 mins ago. Your team never ceases to impress me with both the design and execution of the marketing campaigns. Please let everyone over there know how much we appreciate them.” - Brian Carter, TX Find Out More

“I’ve consistently had people comment positively on the quality of the content in my emails. I know that customers are reading them and enjoying the content. I really like that the emails are templates and completely customizable.” - Fonz Jenkins, IA Find Out More

"I took what I learned in Cutco and slaughtered sales goals and national quotas all because of two reasons, my Cutco training and a kick ass CRM. Your team has an awesome CRM; far superior to any of the others I have ever used. Why? because not only is the tool superior, the support staff makes it truly unique. You provide outstanding service and that is oh so rare these days. I worked for Toyota for 8 years and I took a non existent department to 40 units a month for $80,000 gross profit with me being the only internet person in the store. We had 14 other sales people. My crowning achievement here, 53 units in one day for over $1M gross receipts in a single day. I made $15,000 that day. How did this happen? You guessed it - CRM & Cutco training." - Dan Perez - Lodi, CA Find Out More

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