Quadfold Cutco Collection Checklist

This is a great tool to use for both adding value and organizing wish lists.

The layout helps your clients understand the differences in the three main sets, gives them a list of all items outside of those sets, and has your contact information. Use it as part of a direct mailer, to clarify order items and wish lists at appointments or events, or send it with a thank you after the order.

Of the two folding leaving pieces we offer (trifolds and quadfolds), this is thicker paper (like cardstock) and larger (8.5x14 folded into 4 sections). Pricing includes shipping to you (not your clients).

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Reps who use the quadfold say:

"I use them in all sorts of ways with clients. Mainly, when a client first buys from me then I pull this out, check off what they’re buying and plant seeds for future packages while reviewing all the other packages / programs with them. It also creates a really smooth transition into up-serving.

I also use these at Service Events when they first get there to create an inventory for them of what they brought in, then move from there to build a wish list / close / up-serve / etc.

Mainly the value to the client is the concept that it’s our entire product line and that we're checking off what they already have so they can easily see what they don’t have. I also send or give one to clients who are purchasing gifts so they can include it with the gift they’re giving."

"It’s like a catalog of every product we make BUT without any pricing."

"I also circle all their wish list items on it (if there are any left after they place their order) so they have a record of that too."

"I’ve had many clients bring the inventory checklist back the next time I see them. They’ll usually have items circled that they’d like to put on the wish list or purchase."


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