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Keep your outdoor knives organized during storage and safe during transport..

This case makes for nice and easy storage, transport, and display when used at events and appointments.

Case design includes:

  • 7 large pockets for individual outdoor knives in their leather sheaths or cases.
  • 21 small pockets for pocket knives. (Oftentimes, multiple examples of engraved pocket knives are a part of one's sample products.)
  • Fold over flap, and belt to tie shut once it’s rolled up.

*Colors can vary slightly. The solid colors are usually green, gray, or brown. Then the camouflage will have one matching color to that base color.

*We fulfill orders based on what's in stock, so a color choice isn't usually given. However, if you'd like to submit a preference, we'll do our best to send that color scheme if we have it available. Otherwise, we'll send another color to you.


Outdoor Knives Roll-Up

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