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Part self-help, part memoir, part entertainment, Destination Awesome is both a beacon and a road map that will help people of every background achieve independence, success, and fulfillment. This is the most fun you’ll have with a nonfiction book. Self-proclaimed nonreaders read this book and love it.



No matter if you’re living with your parents, in school housing, or couchsurfing; no matter if you have big dreams, simple plans, or are unsure of what you want to do with your life; no matter the money in your bank, the challenges you face or the number of contacts in your phone, the simple, relatable lessons in Destination Awesome will help you create the life you desire.

Some of the things you’ll discover are how to:

  • Turn your peers into a positive circle of influence

  • Learn proven strategies from others without having to pay for it

  • Overcome the fears keeping you from doing what you want

  • Reframe your focus and position yourself for victory

  • Stand out from your competition and be above average


The best part is Destination Awesome covers every strategy through sharing true stories of both Mueller’s own and of other young adults who succeeded against all odds. In this humorous read, Mueller reveals how she became the only member of her family to escape a poverty-stricken, unstable, and physically and emotionally wounding environment. She grabs at your heart, pulls you in, and offers a distinctive perspective on achievement.

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