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Sell Bigger Packages. Sell Them Faster.

Sell Them More Consistently.

Increase Trust With Clients.

Never Spend Valuable Time or Energy Designing Specials Sheets Again.

Use these professionally designed specials sheets for multiple Cutco packages to present packages & prices in a way that your clients can trust.

Move from sheet to sheet with ease when dropping down and up-serving so you can close bigger package deals faster and more consistently.

Have a client interested in the Cutco Kitchen? Show the Cutco Kitchen special sheet. Want to Up-Serve a Knife Set into a bundle with Flatware? Pull out the Bundles special sheet that goes with that set. Working with a prime candidate for an Upgrade? Simplify the upgrade process and save a ton of time using the Complete or Family Set or Builder Upgrade sheets. The options go on and on.

Included with your purchase is one 3-ring binder with one set of current full-price sheets (100+ pages). All sheets are printed on high quality card stock with beautiful high res color ink and come housed in sheet protectors.

Want to ensure you always have the latest pricing, bonus holiday themed sheets, and access to training from Top CSPs? Click here to check out our annual membership to digital special sheets!

Currently we are sold out of Specials Sheets Binders.

Due to Cutco often changing pricing after new years for several years now, we probably won't reprint any for the remainder of the year (since if that turns out the case, binders will be correctly priced for only a few more months.) If there is a pricing update next year, we will update our sheets and print new binders at that time. We recommend if you need special sheets now, to see our Digital Specials Sheets linked above and print your own, or display them on a digital device such as tablet or your phone.

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Cutco Specials Sheets Binder

What's Included:

One set Current Full Price sheets

High quality 3-ring binder w/ sheet protectors


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