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Cutco Specials Binder

Here's what you get when you order:

  • One Set of Current Full Price Sheets printed in High Rez Color Ink on High Quality Card Stock Paper (50 total sheets)
  • One Set of Current Special Price Sheets printed in High Rez Color Ink on High Quality Card Stock Paper (50 total sheets)
  • Sheet protected (so you can arrange them in whatever order works best for you) & installed in a binder
  • High Quality 3 Ring Binder with room for you to add other new sheets you acquire down the road
  • Shipping Included

When you're a member of Vast Action's Digital Specials Sheets Training you will have access to the Digital Version of:

  • Multiple Knife Sets, Fanatic Sets, Starter Sets & Complimentary Sets
  • Multiple Special Edition RED Sets
  • Multiple Cookware Sets (Currently 10 different sets)
  • Multiple Flatware Packages
  • Multiple Upgrade Packages
  • Multiple CUTCO Kitchen Packages
  • Basic, Family & Complete Set Bundle Packages (with Table Knives & with Steak Knives)
  • Multiple Accessory & Gadget Packages
  • Multiple Hunting Knife & Outdoor Packages
  • Regular Price & Discount Price version of every sheet

What People Are Saying:

I love the Cutco digital specials sheets. I personally use them along with a full price sales binder and they work on really well for showing extra discounts for my past customers as well as being a drop down from the regular prices. What is really great is that the discounts leave room for flexibility so I can still bonus something to close the deal using the sheets.

Brandon W - NJ

Thank you for creating the digital specials sheets. Since I started using them I have increased my sales at almost every single event this year over last. I am selling more packages where in the past I would have sold only a few pieces. Having the prices and pictures laid out clearly and showing the savings has increased consumer confidence in the specials. The sheets have also helped shorten the sales process and made dropping down a lot easier. I would not be without these sheets. They are useful not only at the booth but also on appointments. If you want to increase your average order, create higher customer trust and look more professional, get these sheets!

Justin G - Winnipeg, Canada

I have these sheets and love them. They are a much more simplified version of what I used to use. No more flipping back and forth on pages. Its like "BAM" which one do you want?! Makes dropping down, and up, much easier. Plus the Cutco Kitchen one is sexy and simple. Thanks for making them available to us!

Eric G - Hall of Fame CSP

I'm on track to beat my best year ever and I wanted to have an 8K week. I normally do almost exclusively realtor gifts so when I get to residential pricing and sets, I felt unprepared. I had some time set aside to brush up on my residential pricing, but not before I had a residential event scheduled. So I packed my trusty special sheets and talked to everyone about sets! I sold not one, not 2, but THREE signature sets on special in 3 hours, in addition to multiple smaller orders. If I did not have those specials sheets I know that would have been SO much more challenging! Please tell everyone who has not ordered these sheets to hurry up and use them, as well as anything else helpful that Josh and Amiee send out!!! By all means, get your price sheets memorized backwards and forwards, but in a pinch not only are those sheets helpful to you, but also helpful for the customer to see that the prices are not just being pulled out of thin air and it is right there on the paper that they are getting a great deal!

Lindsay M - Hall of Fame CSP

Thank you again for everything that you do for us. I just had another best show ever and it is really from getting confident with the scripts and the specials sheets. I was getting more cpo for my orders as well.

Thomas C - FSM

Good Morning! I sold my first Cutco kitchen this weekend, and I am amped about these sheets for my service calls this week.

Dione N - FSM

The Specials sheets have been a game changer for my business.They are professional and make closing super clean and easy. I have been selling a lot more sets and upgrades purely because people are seeing that it is a real package we offer. One of  my favorite things is the bundle deals. I have sold multiple sets with flatware since having those sheets to offer them.

Matt F - AZ

I sold 3 Cutco Kitchens in one week using these specials sheets!

Missy C - CSP