Cutco Portal Direct Links

If you have a Cutco web portal (and who doesn't? It's all the rage
these days), have we got an offer for you.

Did you know that when you send someone a link to a particular page on your portal, most of the time when they click that link, it takes them to your home page (not the exact page you sent them the URL for)? Did you also know that just because you go to a page on your Cutco portal site and copy that URL to send to someone, it’s not actually a direct link to YOUR portal? You read that correctly!

To fix this, you would have to create a new link for that page that has your rep information embedded into it (which you can do through your rep portal), but with hundreds of products, recipes, and learning videos, it can get time consuming making links as you need them (about a minute from start to finish).

That's where Vast Action comes in! Never go through the steps of creating a direct link again; just provide us with your Rep Number, and we'll get you every link you could want in one file!

When you order Direct Links from Vast Action, you'll get an excel file with 7 tabs of over 1000 links:

  • Navigation and Info Pages
  • Products
  • Recipes in the Learning Center
  • Knife Skills & How to Videos
  • Cooking Guides & Kitchen Tips
  • Product Care, Videos, & About Knives
  • One tab containing all links, for ease of use on a mobile device

All embedded with your Rep Number, so any link you give out will be linked with your contact info (and be attributed to you should they make an online purchase).

Based on the 60 seconds it takes to create one link on its own, to create all 1100+ links would take approximately 18 hours. That's a lot of time you could be saving, and you'll have them forever!

Our direct links are also updated at the beginning of every year to include new product and recipe links from Cutco's site. Already purchased direct links a year or two ago and want to stay up to date? Just email us and for $15, we can get you updated!


Direct Links to your Cutco Portal (Over 1000 links)

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