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What people are saying about
Vast Action CRM

“One of the only reasons I sold 680k plus this year is because of Vast Action. Being able to track the details of each of my customers through the CRM has allowed me to have an even more personal approach with my customers so I can pick up conversations where they were left off.” - Brandon Brown – National Sales Champion - CA


“The CRM is a great lead management tool. So many features that make it amazing. It makes streamlining possible with note taking features for crucial information, tasks to follow up on, and history notes. I set an automated follow up task in my google calendar straight from the CRM that six months later resulted in a $1,000 sale with one phone call. It's just amazing.” - Carlton Thompson, OK


“Since I started using Vast Action, my phone time has been cut in half (because) I'm much more organized in planning my appointments. Using the query (feature) has been the best. I'll set up a query for past customers within 10-30 miles of where I want to go, call through the list and book an entire week of appointments.” - Erin Clark, CO


“Using the drip email campaigns feature has kept me in touch with customers and prospects by adding value and staying top of mind.” - Luke Sasek, OH


“The CRM has a great task reminder system which bugs you until you get it done. I also love that it’s user friendly.” - Charissa Godwin


“I just started using the tasks and am liking the opportunity to set tasks for different people on my team.” - John Israel, TX


“My favorite things about the CRM are the ability to watch a video to learn how to utilize the system and that it continues to evolve and improve.” - Eric Cheshier, CA