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The perfect piece for giving your clients value and putting your contact info in their hands.

Ever had someone ask you for help with getting their Cutco sharpened, and they want to use the factory sharpening service? Or the factory service is the only option based on their location, schedule, or how far worn down their edges are?

This is the perfect professionally designed, personalized to you leaving piece. When you give them this, they'll have everything they need in a simple step-by-step format, AND it has your info on it as well.

This size of piece - usually referred to as a "rack card" - fits perfectly into an envelope too. So, you can mail it when requested or add it to a letter mailer you're already doing. It's the kind of piece they'll throw in their drawer (like an owner's manual) which means they'll have your contact info for years to come.

Item printing details: 3.5x8.5-inch, card stock, double-sided, color print, white paper. Approved by Cutco Compliance.

Pricing (Includes adding your contact info, printing, tax, and shipping them to you):
100 = $80
250 = $150
500 = $210
750 = $250
1000 = $290
1500 = $315
2000 = $340
5000 = $415
10,000 = $500

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100 for $80 USD

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250 for $150 USD

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500 for $210 USD

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750 for $250 USD

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1000 for $290 USD

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1500 for $315 USD

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2000 for $340 USD

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5000 for $415 USD

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10,000 for $500 USD

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